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What we do

Home Groups

Home groups (or cell groups) are a key part of our church’s life. Groups meet around the city to study God’s Word, pray for one another, encourage and minister to one another and catch up with one another.

At the moment groups meet on Tuesday (East Craigs) and Wednesday (in the church building) evenings.

House Groups are just an extension of Sunday worship.  A group of people gathering to study God's word, to pray - for each other/ family/ friends. We usually study one of the passages from the Sunday service, to ask questions about what we don't understand, and to discuss how the passage applies to our lives today. We usually end our time together with prayer.

One member commented:

“There have been a few occasions when we have spent the whole time just praying. This has been instigated by a remark/ request for prayer during our time of coming together and chatting over a cup of tea. So it was decided to pray there and then and one thing led to another; each of us was prayed over (a chair was put in the middle of the room and anyone who wanted prayer sat on the chair with two or three gathered round and laying on hands).  I have experienced the Holy Spirit in the room come down on each of us.  As each of us was prayed for we were lifted up; all of us felt God's presence.  The Holy Spirit led us all through this time. It really was an uplifting experience.”

If you are interested in joining a home group or just want to find out more then speak to our pastor Garry Ketchen.

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