I’m new

I’m new. What can I expect?

First of all, we will be delighted to meet you and will make you feel very welcome.

On entering the church you will be greeted and shown into our meeting place. Teas, coffee and biscuits are available before our service for you to enjoy. We don’t charge for these; you are our guest. This can also be a time for a friendly introduction to one of our own folk. We don’t have a dress code! Some are comfortable in their ‘Sunday best’ and other in jeans and a t-shirt. Most people are dressed casually. Just wear something which is appropriate and whatever you are comfortable in. Toys are available for those with young children to keep amused!

Our service will start at 11am and will usually finish around 12:20pm. We will sing our praise and worship to God, have a time of prayer, perhaps hear someone’s reflections on their week, listen to a talk (usually from our pastor or one of our members and normally lasting less than 30 mins) and take up an offering. Please do not feel compelled to put in money (this really is for our regular attenders), although you may wish to do so. If you have children aged 0-15 there is a crèche and Sunday school available, and if you have a young child you may go out with him/her. All staff have been PVG’d.

Twice a month we have communion near the end of our service. It is open to all who love Jesus and have committed themselves to following Him. Together we eat bread and drink (non-alcoholic) wine to remember his sacrificial death on the cross. If you don’t take communion, or have never encountered this before, we hope that by simply observing you will still find this part of the service thought-provoking. Please don’t feel embarrassed about indicating to the steward that you are not participating.

At the end of the service we form a circle and hold hands and say a blessing. It’s just to show that we are one family and that we share a living faith in a living God.

We are always happy to pray for anyone who wishes prayer - perhaps for healing or just for the LORD to bless and impact your life. Or perhaps you may want to talk to one of us to know something of the hope we have in Jesus.

Teas and coffees are again freely provided at the end of our service. Hang around; we would love to get to know you better. If you wish our pastor to visit you then just let him (or anyone else) know or fill in the form on the contact page.

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I’m new. What can I expect?

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